In today’s world someone else is always taking your job, just slowly. This transition – in a true to form manner – is truly agile, and not a waterfall one.

So it won’t be all of a sudden. You’re not going to show up to work to realize you have nothing to to today.

Over time, with new tools and processes more and more of our work” is being done by someone else. 

It is a misdemeanor to say that it is only due to algorithms and automation. The innovations in our life today are not only in the automation space, but also in the dissemination and re-aggregation of business systems. 

It might be cheaper for you to send your interview to be transcribed by (a joint human and machine) online service than to spend a few hours writing it yourself, Or take Uber, Citibike and Lyft than to drive, carry a bike and take the subway. 

On the smallest level this is fractal and self replicating. We all weigh the options in front of us, and make choices as consumers and professional practitioners. On the macro level this is an incredibly interconnected system, best to be unpacked by complexity thinkers.

With all of these looming changes, I have been thinking about a question that came up in another postwhat is advertising without ads? – and pushed it further: what is any profession without what it delivers? What is web development with no coding? What is corporate finance with no trading

I am biased to think that there is no universality to this question, but I know better.

Daily Note

February 13, 2019