There is more than one way to be good, more than one way to be fulfilled, more than one way to navigate your career, educate your children, become proficient or pursue your goals.

Yet, with all of that, we all give to the urge to grade, to place on a linear scale. We lean on Cannons, industry standards, status quo, legacy and other old world mantras.

If we truly reject monolithic thinking, then we must too resist shortcuts in evaluating other humans. This voids Cannons, as a notion of top down authority in creative pursuits (beyond a node of creativity which might have been successful), and any kind of artificial hierarchy on ideas (junior, midnight, senior thinker).

Instead, it bring us to a mesh of humans with NP dimensions and possible permutations of ideas. We’re leaving so much on the table when we’re listening to other people’s metrics, and not setting our owns.

March 26, 2019