Getting ahead of automation is surprisingly easy. All you need to do is to ask yourself: (1) what am I interested in? (2) that people pay me for?

We all have things that we like more than others. It is those moments when we find flow, do our best work, and yet it does not feel like work at all. Most of us don’t stop to think, let alone articulate the reason behind those moment. It is those exact moments that can unlock so much professional fulfillment, and protect us from being automated.

Once articulated this compass (personal purpose) can yield dozens of ideas a day (all inline with passion, and hopefully with money making activities).

Each of those tasks needs hours of programming to automate, years of data, and endless hours of QA.

If all you do is one, with no thought of agency, mission or any form liminality than in that time (programming + data + QA) you will be automated.

But if you have n number of ideas, the programmers will never catch up, it simply does not make business sense.

Tasks would be automated yes, but never your job.

Daily Note

January 8, 2019