AI will is a thru–technology, and not a destination in and of itself.

Job >> AI >> New Job

We all heard that AI will change everything about out jobs, if we’re lucky enough to have one once the robot becomes intelligence.

In the last couple of posts I wrote about organizational design and self development. Those charges will be thru–AI and not by AI.
In other words statistical computation will not make us more liminal thinkers, but the act of wrapping our head around these new tool will.

It will leave us more enlightened, and more articulate.

Part of the reason that this message is not on everyone’s mind is that we’re not used to thinking about ourselves.

We tend to think about what we make, our output. Playing mantras like Talk is cheap’ (tell that a robot who can make anything you want, but can’t think).

In a world of technological abundance thinking will exponentially increase in value, while making will respectively decrease.

We would do much better if we stop thinking about AI as a mountain we’re all climbing, but simply as a new continent, or planet (for the space fans) we all discovered. With new horizons, trees and flowers.

We’re still the same, but inspired. These experiences will teach us, and have us grow. Very similar to have traveling to Paris, spending a few days at Joshua Tree, or running a marathon does.

Experiences write new mental models and give us new liminal tools to solve problems.

Daily Note

November 18, 2018