when our classification systems become excessively rigid, and silos dangerously entrenched, this can leave us blind to risks and exciting opportunities

It pays if people can periodically try to reimagine the taxonomies they use to reorganize the world, or even experiment with alternatives. Most of the time, most of us simply accept the classification systems we have inherited

Being an insider-outsider enables us to see our classification systems in context.
Being an insider-outsider helps us see the risks of sclerotic boundaries. And it can also give us the imagination to mix up our borders, imagine a different world, and seek innovation on the edge” of our classification systems and organizations, as John Seely Brown, the scientist, has observed.

If we make space in our lives to collide with the unexpected, we often end up changing our cultural lens.

— Gillian Tett. The Silo Effect.”

March 27, 2019