When designing for agency (physics for thinking electrons) we must consider a deeper palette of human ambitions, goals and actions than the simple average.  We need to consider that our users thoughts are deep, and that they are instantiated (not the same, different from one instance to another).

In an orchestra metaphor we are currently fooled to believe that we can ask everyone to play the same piece (design). But of course it sounds awful, requires tones of policing (micromanaging behavior) and is short–lived. The tuba is not a violin, nor a timpani. They have different tonal range, and musical capabilities. This fact is bluntly obvious to conductors (and audiences of classical music). Which is why there is a bit of randomness (complexity) to conducting an orchestra, yet designers think that users are robots, who would only do as the average, when in fact they themselves might be blindsided by a robot–designer.

Daily Note

January 6, 2019