Stepping out of any known environment is scary. Especially in a commercial context, and when expected to both know what we’re talking about, and deliver results. 

But once we realize that the work we do is really just on ourselves, and that output is secondary we get to an incredibly agile place. 

If we focus our practice on self work: learning, writing, articulating our methodology, developing an inside–outside perspective then we can start selling the way we think, and not what we say (vectors, rather than pixels).

If we focus on being open minded, vulnerable, truly collaborative (not only in a room full of designers that look like us), then what we’re polishing is a prism – a way to look at, and filter reality. 

Total design came up in a recent tweet, I like mentioning Stuart Pugh’s diagram of total design, which I think would resonate with fans of the Bauhaus and Crouwel. 

It seems like every generation or two there is a school of thought with enough foresight and plasticity to try and break into new markets and new forms of thinking about the role of creativity.

Daily Note

February 10, 2019