The unlearning mind curiously travels. Wondering between thoughts, crossing over boundaries of disciplines, dogmas, or norms.

In most cases, and with enough time allowed, this leads to a truly magnificent idea. An author’s first ground–breaking book, a status establishing scientific advancement, or a life–altering theatre performance 15 years in the making.

The hard part is realizing you reached some place good, and look beyond short term fame._Parking your Car_is the antagonist of the truly curious mind.

Embarking on the open road — with curiosity, a learning mind and a set of mental models — requires conviction (not determination).

When you’re setting yourself stationary where you achieved something you’re effectively monetizing efficiency, and already started experiencing diminishing returns.

Like in real life – travel is not about the road, the car, or even the views. It is about the way we experiences all of those things. About how those things exist in the world inside our head. The richness of those moments will give us liminality no stationary efficiency ever could.

Daily Note

February 18, 2019