For all of the reading, conversation and technological advancements I have been exposed to there is one simple litmus test I have successfully held on to in routing tasks to humans or machines.


Is this thing (task, decision, production) in front of me structured?

Are the steps of execution predetermined, or do they need to be adaptive?

Can this thing I am about to do fit in (even an exponentially long) spreadsheet?

If the answer is yes, then we should accept that a machine is coming for it.
If not, there is (absolutely and unequivocally) no way a machine would do it.

Things that fit the structured model are designing a usable website layouts, guided meditation, branding (aestehic is in and of itself a strcuture, once set a machine can do it), prepping taxes, parking a car.

Things that do not fit in a stationary structure are nursing, psychological therapy, plumbing, and care work.

When 2 robots are facing each other, unable to communicate, say a bot renting your car, and another one parking it, it is up for humans to translate (meta over matter).

Those robots’ matter is set, respective to their program goal and outcomes. Those programs are incapable of abstracting what they do.

Meta is outside the reach of statistics, because meta is meaning, and numbers are anonymous.

Daily Note

March 5, 2019