The fact that more of us are listening to podcasts, morning audio briefings (I personally like the FTs) and other audio content reminds me of the comments on encoding and decoding.

Digital content (in the micro as a written word, and macro algorithmically packaged) is abstract of any meaning (in the Shannon, binary sense of the word). The meaning is down to the recipient to make. If I could not read, didn’t understand the topic (say in a specialist piece) or lacked context I would loose the full scope of meaning.

While some of the later expertise problems exist, audio carries human meaning much much better. Intonation, emphasis, the way guests sound, are intuitive for us to understand and color meaning with.

There is a lot less mediation in an audio message, because the message and its meaning are teleported as is, and not tempered with by machines.

March 19, 2019