Experience and efficiency are opposite on the scale of the human condition.

You can plot poetry, art, design and industries on that line.

On the one side it is meat and potato mentality. Getting things done, with smallest expense, cutting fat wherever possible (MVP).

On the other, it is experience for its own sake, aiming for inner movement, that comes from a truly transformational moments. Looking at a canvas of splashes of paint, starring at the sunset, or otherwise talking about your feelings (or to your feelings = advertising).

The other dimension is our tools. Produced with impossible mission of universality (one tool for everyone), while existing in our behavioral reality (my world is different than yours).

Our lack of logic, or rather the predictability of our illogical behavioral (Kahneman etc) is well known.

Hyper logic, and brute force efficiency (machine learning algorithms) might do the opposite of what we need them to be. More features (say 10 more machine generated playlists from Spotify) don’t really make a product better do they?

*insert examples from economics here, I’ll do a better job citing in the coming days.

Daily Note

December 19, 2018