If you work for yourself you’re likely to have had to articulate your interests, ambitions, goals – effectively stacking up to your agency. That might not necessarily be the case if you’re in a more structured environment, where your needs are taken care by the collective company.

This could mean that in your downtime acts of collective nudging, such as the one in social networks and other big data environments, could be missed. Without that reflex of self analysis it could be difficult to generate that inside–outside perspective.

Without getting to know ourselves well enough, we would not be able to pick up when we’re about to go out of character. After the fact would be easy, but at the moment requires an acute sense of agency.

A lot of the micro targeting and other data related headaches would could be alleviated if we were able to see these invisible lines, and navigate ourselves out of those situations.

Individualism – intellectual and emotional – could be our best chance at meaningful collectivism.

p.s. the irony of posting this on v day is not lost on me

Daily Note

February 14, 2019