In a world of abundance and cheapening production costs the world outside your head is getting crowded (specifically to innovate in). More is being made, and more efficiently (thanks to both humans and robots, increasingly the latter).

Optimization is useless for (uselss, creative) thinking, and in particular liminal thinking. Because machines are unable to think, nor move data across liminal borders, the world inside your head is squarely outside the reach of the efficiency machine (robots, and the status quo).

The other side of this is that leadership is all about decision making, so is the complex behavior of the market. How can we enable agency without telling people what they want?

A non–deterministic approach is hard to swallow, as it goes against our mantras on funneling actions through a sale cycle, or any retention techniques (social media).

But there are levers in a business context where this approach can already be deployed, namely change management, organizational design and management consulting (for decision making under ambiguity). With autonomous making fast approaching we need people to tell the machines what to do, we need leaders, with both conviction, and an articulated compass.

Daily Note

January 16, 2019