Mass produced software (MPS) is one that put the emphasis on the cranks and bolts of a large machines, that is hard to start and even harder to stop. It is about anomaly detection, about the reduction of individualism. About robots and humans that stand in lines, about hips of data perfectly pile up against a jig.

MPS is the opposite of the human sense making process. It is senseless. Like Soylent. It is purely utilitarian, and it waits for humans to make sense of it in the production side (brand) and consumption (meaning).

Context leads to more context. Radically contextual software (RCS) does not view context as a tangent from the assembly line, but the shortest path to meaning (and value).

RCS computes on the user end (edge computing), does not require a remote server by default, and is keen to think of itself as a single instance of utility (rather than a client to a mothership of a code base).

Daily Note

December 30, 2018