Referencing a comment by Shane (Parrish) in his interview with Sophie Grégoire Trudeau — the act of reading is one of self exploration. When we read we’re able to place our psyche in a new context, a new reality, without needing to build one.

There is a point in our childhood where we don’t mind to get lost, when we’re open to being alone at sea. it is the lack of familiarity that excites us.

Then we get older we set goals, we navigate, we put destinations in our GPS, & curb curiosity in favor of group think.

Getting lost is curious, vulnerable and creative. A process of exploration (going on a walk, reading a book, writing, meditating) will always result in a bigger, more liminal field of thinking.

Navigating (going where you know) is part of modern life, but it diminishes in value. We must remind ourselves to build new mental experiences, explore new modes of being, and acquire new ways of thinking.

Daily Note

October 31, 2018