The most powerful forms of ideological effect are those which need no words, but merely a complicitous silence”

–Pierre Bourdieu, Outline of a Theory of Practice

When a group looks alike, thinks alike, comes from the same place and shares the same manners there is a silent agreement, things are understood to be a certain way. Anything beyond that singular line is odd, and may be accepted (this is where self policing kicks in).

True diversity does not exist out in the world, but inside our head. It is the ability to look at a situation from a different perspective (empathically), appreciate that some things not binary, and maybe even hold oxymorons with both hands. It is the diversity of background (identity), ways of thinkings (cognitive) and the thoughts themselves (informational)

Informational diversity refers to differences in knowledge and perspectives—two of the components of my repertoires.”

—Scott E. Page, The Diversity Bonus.”

It is the plasticity to engage views outside the familiar, and do so individualistically. Diversity is not the acceptance of the anomaly, but the stern reminder that people are not average.

Daily Note

February 2, 2019