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To further develop this I wanted to share some work in progress definitions of the terms I am using in this work.

Meta Medium:

A Medium which adds meaning through usage



Communication of language, thorough an artifact, within a system


Set of symbols, words and metaphors for communication between humans


Vehicle for communication, a phenomenon packaged in a useful way for humans


Available channels of communication

Sub sets of systems


A system in which interconnectedness overrules design


Elaborate stacking of known constructs to create a sense of design


External (What Am I):

Extrinsic Identity, constructed by present context, the way the world sees us

Internal / Learning (Who Am I):

Intrinsic creativity, the way we see ourselves

Sameness Risk:

The risk that comes from forgoing the learning heuristic


Making the unknown actionable

March 14, 2020 Creativity Psychology

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