Norbert Wiener branded the field of cybernetics with his 1948 book, where he formulated the ideas of feedback and self correction. Since then a lot of this logic has been used in system thinking (especially around design and design thinking) and AI (primarily in the pursuit of thinking machine).

Yet cybernetics is flawed because of the NP problem.

The brain has unknown number of dimension (n),
A machine–modeled cybernetic feedback loop is set in its dimensions,
So all attempts to make the brain computable in a rule based, feedback and back–propagation will be futile.

Further more, the use of cybernetic thinking in consumer internet products is deterministic and too simplistic. We should do better than if-then, and think about people inner motivations and goals of our constitutes, outside the boundaries the gated (log in / log out) system we’re working on.

Daily Note

November 27, 2018