When talking about design for the world inside your head (EQ, who you are not only what you do) brands are no different.

For what is a brand if not an aggregate of technology, tools, people and their psyche. It is a non–linear equation of different compasses, a complex orchestra of opinions, world views and countless unexpected behaviors.

Within the skeleton of value to market brought by this LLC there is an intercit network of watercooler chats, tweets, what everyone read this morning, or the body language of the CEO.

All of these forces are of course emergent (unexpected, unplanned), and subconscious in their effect.

Emotional articulating is as important (if not more) for brands — being able to communicate a brand’s place in the world (Montague, True Story) will differentiate it in times of scarcity and abundance.

Brands need to be able to act across liminal lines (innovation) if they wish to survive whatever it is they’re trying to currently automate. Otherwise they’re optimizing themselves out of the market.

Daily Note

January 19, 2019