Conviction is internal motivation (compass), determination is self–policing.

While either conviction or determination are better than nothing, there is a powerful nuance to discuss.

Both will enable change and give the tenacity to carry on in face of obstacles and the status quo, but conviction knows where it is going (or will recognize it when seeing it), determination can easily get us lost.

Conviction can accept serendipity, while determination might be too tunnel–visioned to accept the unexpected (liminality).

Conviction is first being, then doing. Determination is all results, efficiency of resources and maximizing value of each encounter.

Determination is authoritarian. Conviction paves the path to generous authority.

Generous authority is not a pose. It’s not the appearance of power. It is using power to achieve outcomes that are generous, that are for others. The authority is justified by the generosity.

The Art of Gathering, Priya Parker

Daily Note

January 18, 2019