For all of the talk about the shortcomings of data hoarding (Facebook et al) I don’t know that we – as an industry– have put forward an alternative which will get people inspired, and excited to pay for.

In my limited capacity I started looking at plumbers as an alternative to the remote database + proprietary database real–estate model (The Plumber Scenario). 

Remember that a plumber comes to you. This moves the value paradigm from free–to-scale products, where acquisition and retention is the main outcome of optimization, to a service based model (like the plumber) — where increased context, and adaptability are the constant improvements.

The shift in thinking — and the reason this is not landing in the market yet – is that we’re thinking in an attention economy paradigm, & we are not fully grasping (collectively) the potential of statistical computing (narrow AI).

Given advertisers’ ability to communicate to the world inside our heads (experience, emotions, inspiration, which leads to brand differentiation) I suspect it is an industry that would be primed to focus on adaptive services + advanced context. 

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Daily Note

February 11, 2019