All bloggers exercise curiosity, more so if they create value as opposed to just aggregating it. As I shared in Creative Surplus, I sometimes find myself with an overwhelming amount of curiosity that asks me to give it more time and space than an essay.

I did that in 2016 with Everything Will Happen, focusing on design for AI, language, and augmentation, and I am now finishing a similar exercise for Meta Medium: the psychology of creativity and digital habits.

On aside, I ended both efforts accomplished and energized. If you have a topic burning, which you want to integrate to your elbows’ (work/practice), I recommend going through this. The format is dead simple: write a newsletter once a week, with the option of buying a domain and cross-posting favorite pieces as blog posts.

You can view the archive for Everything Will Happen here and Meta Medium here (short of a few emails on account of moving to Buttondown, more on that soon).

As a moment of reflection: I want to share a couple of pieces that stood out for me in 2020 and this research.

Through desire the child discovers his solitude and through solitude his desire. He depends upon a reliable but ultimately elusive object that can appease but never finally satisfy him.

—On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored, Adam Phillips

From Who Can Wait for Nothing?

The difference between signifiers and classifiers, or how to avoid binary thinking:

The simple way of thinking about it is that classifiers allow for an object to only exist in one place, like a book on a shelf. Signifiers are more akin to shining a light, so are more intersectional, and allow for multiplicity. An object might have many signifiers, but only one classification.

Signifiers and Classifiers

Why are Standing Ovations (Page, Miller) all around us? and Digital Role Playing

In the new year, I will be moving to a smaller, different writing model and sending out emails. You can read more here and join here.

December 25, 2020