If you can’t articulate your ethics then someone else would. Design for agency, emotional articulation and liminal leadership don’t only apply to the collective (company, team) level, but also to the self.

Driving your own bus might have been enough in the 90’s, but today’s complexion of intricate highways filled with self driving trucks needs voices of conviction. Being able to navigate, pursue and explain decisions is a key to sanity, self fulfillment and effective work.

When utilitarian efficient systems are free, the value comes from everything else: ethics, human connection, branding, context, altruism.

Again and again, this is a question of not what you do, but who you are. Coaching (as a mean to understand the decisions you make) might very well have exponential return for your company, employees and market offering (much more so than the incrementalism of another sprint).

March 22, 2019