Nitzan Hermon Innovation Consultant, Writer


I am a designer, researcher and educator interested in complexity and creativity.

Following some work for MoMA (with Co: Collective) I decided In 2016 to write a newsletter once a week. The newsletter covered topics of AI, augmentation and language. This resulted in academic collaborations, a TEDx talk, and writing a report for TATA Communication under the supervision of Ken Goldberg at UC Berkley.

This year I am doing something similar, focusing on the psychology of creativity and the effect technology and our habits have on how we show up in the world. I call it Meta Medium. You can sign up to the newsletter here.

I was lucky to be an inaugural member of NEW INC, where I am a mentor this year, as well as Columbia Business School and SVA iXD program.

I am a member of GoFA, i4J, and AIANY – and blog via Ways of Seeing.

Here are some cultural initiatives I organized, and images I collected.

I send a regular Blogmail, it is like a blog, but an email – the opposite of Substack. Join.

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