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Edit: we will be meeting for a second conversation on April 5th, 2pm ET.

The best of flowers and vegetables to date” (1896)

I am hosting a conversation, with the principles below. I hope you can join.

3/29 5 pm EST 60 minutes, a Zoom meeting (not webinar)

Space is limited to 10 tickets, at $20. We need a minimum of 5 for this to move forward.

  • No introductions
  • There are no speakers, which means there is no audience
  • No intellectual fencing; don’t mention a book or a dead philosopher: instead, state the logic, metaphor or poetry
  • Prompts in breakout rooms, followed by a discussion
  • Space will be similar in spirit to CBS, and Thirdness.

Sign up here:

Please @byedit with any questions or things I left out.

March 29, 2021

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