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Unfulfilled pitch for Bleep's T shirt series that developed into a Technics™ tribute series – prints are based on graphics extracted from a Technics 1210 MK5 user manual.

I am still looking to get in touch with Panasonic to clear rights for the series.

can you help? Do you know anyone in Panasonic – Technics?

A poster series curated by Edit. Each designer was asked to represent a musical genre using one shape and one type (stating the genre)

Press — process shots

A collaborative effort by Edit (creative production) and Sawdust (art direction and design) to create the concept and packaging of the new Fabrice Lig album. The brief was Detroit influenced so Edit got in touch with Andrew Moore (photography — Detroit Disassembled) who was kind enough to contribute visuals from the book. The vinyl is heavy weight (180 gr) and contains 2 locked grooves.